Prof. Shinichi Tamura,Ph.D.(Chairman and President)

Prof. Shinichi Tamura, Ph. D. (Chairman and President)

He was born in Hyogo Pref. in 1944. Doctor of Engineering (Osaka University), Osaka University Professor Emeritus, IEEE Life Fellow, Lab. Head of NBL Technovator Co. Ltd., Paper: about 250 of medical image analysis. Award: over 10 domestic and international award.
Prof. Setsuo Komemushi (Director)

Setsuo Komemushi (Director)

Dr. Komemushi graduated from Osaka Univ. was a professor of Faculty of Agriculture, Kindai Univ.
He is a guest prof. of Osaka City Univ. and a Chief Advisor of Food Safety Network.
Prof. Tetsusei Kurashiki (Director)

Tetsusei Kurashiki (Director)

Prof. Kurashiki graduated from Osaka Univ. and is a professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Univ.
Dr. Yoshinori Nishino (Vice-Chairman)

Dr. Yoshinori Nishino (Vice-Chairman)

He was born in Osaka in 1946. Ph. D. (Osaka Institute of Technology). He founded NBL Technovator Co., Ltd group. Paper: centrifugal winding method, corrosion-resistant FRP design method, such as convergence material of glass fiber. Patent applications: international: 60, domestic 1000 or more.
Allen S Chiu (Vice-Chirman)

Allen S Chiu (Vice-Chairman)

He was born in Hong Kong, and graduated from MIT. Exxon Houston Institute, API 14th Committee Chairman,
Exxon Canada Ice Sea Research Institute, President of Ameron Pipe,
President of NOV, FGS Asia (the world's largest oil country tubular goods company) Specialty: Composite materials, oil country tubular goods
Prof. Toshio Nishida (Adviser)

Prof. Toshio Nishida (Adviser)

He was born in Hyogo in 1927. Doctor of Science (Kyoto University), former President of Osaka International University, Osaka University Professor Emeritus. His majors are quality management and business management. He is adviser of NBL Technovator Co., Ltd. Author: statistics of economics and business (1991).
Dr. Chaitanya Shah

Dr. Chaitanya Shah (Adviser)

Advisor: India Chapter Chief. Mumbai University. Ph.D. He is a president of Mechemco. Secretary of Indian FRP Association
Specialty: Polymer Chemistry
Yutaka Otsuka (Auditor)

Yutaka Otsuka (Auditor)

He was born in Hiroshima in 1934. He graduated from Kobe University. He opened a certified public accountant Yutaka Otsuka office after leaving the Azusa audit firm. Certified public accountant, adviser of NBL Technovator Co., Ltd., and auditor of NBL International Co., Ltd.
Dr. Takio Shimosakon (Adviser)

Dr. Takio Shimosakon (Adviser)

He was born in Osaka. Doctor of Business Administration (Osaka University). Formerly Associate Professor of Osaka Institute of Technology. Specialty: Business Administration